…far from the madding crowd.

‘A Thief and His Apprentice’ where Dubious Merchants Trade in Power


….writerly – critic who is so much concerned about his dying country run by a bandit class masquerading as a ruling class. This class and its ilk are like dubious merchants trading in the commodity of power. A Thief and His Apprentices is a textualisation of what Chiemeke has experienced, seen and felt and known as a conscious student, an activist, human rights worker and crusader, radical lawyer and a Pan-Africanist with a deep sense and understanding of Nigeria and the world order.

The Nigerian crisis has deepened so much with devastating impacts on the people and the country itself. Many otherwise hopeful and patriotic citizens are beginning to doubt justifiably the possibility of the country surviving having been consistently and continually ravished by an irresponsible set of ruling class

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