Monday, May 29

Author: Jacob Sugarman


‘The Neoliberal Order Is Visibly Collapsing’ – Noam Chomsky

Author and activist Noam Chomsky. (jeanbaptisteparis / Flickr) Since early Tuesday morning, when it became clear that the Iowa Democratic Party would not immediately release its 2020 caucus results, a range of conspiracy theories have bloomed on social media about the Democratic National Committee and Shadow Inc.,  the tech firm it enlisted to build its tabulating app. The simplest  explanation remains the most plausible: Through a combination of  incompetence and fealty to the consultant class, Democrats hired a  for-profit company grossly ill-equipped to handle the demands of a  byzantine, statewide contest. If supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., remain skeptical, they are not without reason. Setting aside Shadow Inc.’s apparent ties to the Buttigieg campaign, the Democratic...