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Interrogating the Concept of Restructuring for Progress or Balkanizing to Retrogression; Using Sudan and Yugoslavia as Case Study

At The Maroonsquare two-day Discourse on National Development held on the 1st and 2nd of July, 2021 held at the Science Auditorium, Federal College of Education (Tech), Akoka, Yaba, Lagos with the theme; Identity Politics and the National Question in Nigeria sponsored by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Issues of National interest that includes insecurity, agitations by different minority groups within the Nigerian entity and facts with solutions were brought to the fore.

Ms. Oliseh Kadishi in her paper discusses the issues surrounding the idea of whether a broken Nigeria will bring progress to the various nationalities in the Nigerian entity, considering the experience of other nations. Ms. Oliseh in her paper concedes to the fact that the history of the creation of the Nigerian state was tied to colonialism. She also offered a conceptual definition of the notions of Restructuring and Balkanization and used South-Sudan and the Balkan States to discuss the subject.

It was also her contention that splitting up an existing state into smaller units from what is evidentially available has shown that such process is no panacea that the bedeviling issues of injustice, insecurity and other oppressive malfeasance would disappear.

It also contended that where leadership lacks ability at cohesion, it engenders capacity at separatist agitation. The paper contrasted the leadership styles of Josip Tito and Miroslav Milosevic to buttress this point. The paper also shows that separatist agitations may be fueled by external forces. Below is the paper delivered at the discourse.

Ms. Oliseh Kadishi N. holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Studies, She bagged a Master’s Degree in History from University of Ibadan. She is a Doctoral Student at Department of History, University of Ibadan. She has economic history, gender studies, agrarian and development Studies & African history as her areas of research interest. She is the owner of the online Vlog;

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